Vehicle Investment

Nigeria’s Transport and Logistics Industry is currently valued at approximately N300,000,000,000 ($750,000,000) and account for more than 3.5% of our GDP.

  Logistics is one of the safest and most profitable investment project anyone can venture into with the right expertise.

  As a Transport and Logistics brand, we lose millions of naira every week due to low supply of vehicles required to meet the high demand for our service.

  We have decided to Partner with smart investors who are willing to leverage our experience and expertise through vehicle investment and asset finance Partnership.


As a Digital Transport and Logistics Company, our Business Model provides a wide range of financial opportunities for strategic venture investors.

The Vehicle Investment Partnership offer potential investors an opportunity to Own or Co-own any vehicle of their choice to enable them earn good return on investment throughout the duration of the Partnership.

We also welcome Partnerships from those who already own any vehicle that meet our specification in return for 65% net return on every trip completed with their asset.


You Partner With Us

You become a Partner by signing up with a minimum of N100,000 capital to part-own any vehicle of your choice that Gatatransport is currently investing on

This will earn you a slot as a Partner on our platform for a period determined by you upon sign-up.

We have a WhatsApp group where we share updates with stakeholders, aside the periodic emails you receive from the company on a regular basis. You will be granted access upon sign-up.

We Do The Work

We procure the vehicles and carry out proper profiling on them from registration through comprehensive insurance, tracking, among others.

We handle the vehicle operations from driver recruitment, vehicle maintenance, excellent customer service to our clients.

Your duty as a Partner is to sign up and put your investment to work.

You Earn Profits

You earn highly competitive return on investment based on the project you have signed up for.

You decide how your returns are to be paid while your initial capital is returned at maturity of your investment plan.


Our operation is exposed to 4 major risks that can result in loss or damage to a vehicle;

Road accident which may result in total write-off of vehicle; severe damage on vehicle caused by natural disaster; theft of vehicle by criminals, rogues or robbers and fire accident that may render a vehicle totally useless.

To manage such inevitable eventualities we had established strong Partnership with Linkage Assurance Plc through Comprehensive Insurance Policy for every vehicle we deploy.

By so doing, we have secured our Partner funds and guaranteed their earnings.


Click the “Sign Up” button below to register as a Partner.

Our team would receive and process your application immediately.

On successful sign-up, we set up your partnership account, prepare and share your investment contract documents with you within 24hours.

Please feel free to send us a WhatsApp message on 07040002829 to join the Partner group chat after sign-up or wait for our team to contact and add you up within 24hours from the moment you effect payment and submit your application.

We created the WhatsApp group to ease communication between Partners and Management. Regular updates are shared in the group and via email.




Gatatransport is a DIGITAL Transport and Logistics Company that HELP People and Organizations achieve their Transport & Logistics GOAL effortlessly.

Whether you are renting a car or bus in Lagos, Gatatransport provide the flexibility of having a vehicle anytime you want, as well as the assurance of a sanitized and virus free car or bus for your trip around Nigeria.

With a wide range of vehicles to select from, Gatatransport offer convenient Car and Bus Rental options; with or without a driver, to drive down to nearby cities or to manoeuvre through traffic as you head from one important business meeting to the next.

Also, with a self-drive Car Rental from Gatatransport, you have the freedom to move around and explore places at your own pace.


Gatatransport is a DIGITAL Transport and Logistics Company that HELP People and Organizations achieve their Transport & Logistics GOAL effortlessly.

Are you looking for a trustworthy, reliable, and professional moving van and truck rental agency? Moving to a new city or place and want an economical and budget truck rental service provider; or are you planning to transport your goods from one state to another?

Gatatransport has got you covered with all sizes of vans and trucks suitable for moving small and large items, ranging from household and consumer goods, office equipment, home moving and office relocation, car transportation and heavy duty logistics.


Our story began in early 2017 when our founder (Harrison Gata) resigned his role as a Business Analyst in one of the top Telecommunications Companies in Nigeria. He had resigned his position to enable him pursue his passion in tech driven transportation business.

Gatatransport Limited was registered with Corporate Affairs Commission on November 6, 2017. A lot of research was carried out before launching with a minimum viable product in early February 2018.

Today, we are privileged to be connecting with thousands of people every month through our exceptional product – Transport (Car Rental & Bus Hire) and Logistics (Van Rental & Truck Hire).