Transport Business In Nigeria – How To Get Started

Transport Business is no doubt a lucrative venture that continues to attract investors into the Nigerian economy due to our ever rising population.

There is an increasing demand in the transportation industry with a growing population of over 200,000,000 people in Nigeria and this requires a supply, hence the need for people to venture into various land transportation business.

The demand is very high and ever-rising as long as our population continues to increase. You, therefore, do not need to fret about having to compete with the numerous transport businesses. Feel free to join in the supply chain and afford yourself a chance to some good profit.

Of course, there are challenges like any other business but they can be managed if the right measures are put in place.

Starting A Transport Business in Nigeria

Here are some basic procedures for setting up a Transport Business in Nigeria:

  1. Decide on the type of transportation business you would like to engage in.
  2. Choose your location and consider routes that are lucrative.
  3. Register the business with CAC if need be.
  4. Obtain your vehicle either through lease, hire purchase or an outright buy.
  5. Ensure your vehicle is registered and licensed.
  6. Attempt driving yourself or engage a professional driver.
  7. Draw up a proper business plan if you wish to expand your business.
  8. Be innovative in growing your transportation business in order to gain a competitive advantage

We offer a FREE start-up consultation if you require support to start your own transport business. We are willing to guide you as you plan to begin this journey. Complete our FREE consultation form on this page to get the required support.

However, if you do not wish to go through all the troubles associated with running a transport business in Nigeria, you can partner with us if you have a vehicle or not, through the following options;

  1. Vehicle Sign-up Partnership
  2. Cash Investment Partnership

Vehicle Sign-up Partnership

In accordance with one of our company’s mission “to build a robust platform where opportunities are created to meet the average need of Africans by engaging young people with productive employment”; we designed a model whereby vehicle owners can partner with us by signing-up their private or commercial vehicle on our platform for Car Rental and Logistics Business.

The platform helps you set up a transport business without having to bother about all the legal procedures. To start your own transport business, all you need do is sign up your vehicle or any other transport assets on the platform and get paid proceeds from every business transaction carried out with the assets.

The following is a list but not limited to the vehicles (assets) you can sign up on our platform;

  • Bike: 200 Capacity Black Bike
  • Car: Saloon Car, SUV and Hilux
  • Bus: Sienna Vehicle, Mini Bus, 15-Seater Bus, 18-Seater Bus and Coaster Bus
  • Van: Haulage & Delivery Van
  • Truck: Flat Bed, Relocation and Sino Truck
  • Trailer and Tipper
  • Construction and Heavy-Duty Equipment: Crane, Forklift, Excavator, etc.

Benefits of Signing up your Vehicle on our Platform

Our Vehicle Partnership model offer partners the opportunity to earn without hassle. By signing up your private vehicle on the platform, you will only be required to make your vehicle available when needed while you get paid for every successful hire and have access to same for your personal running around.

We’ll help you recruit a qualified driver to drive your vehicle and report to you under our watch if your vehicle is signed up on the platform for only commercial purpose.

Consequently, you earn without having to part with your time, skill or strength. You can get started at Gatatransport Vehicle Partnership any time you are set. Our Customer Care (0704 000 2929) representatives are always available to provide support.

Cash Investment Partnership

You can also start your own transport business without having to buy any vehicle by investing in the existing transport business.

Investing in existing transport business with proven track record would help you safeguard and protect your capital from asset depreciation (wear and tear) while you earn returns over time.

Gatatransport has investment opportunities especially for those who cannot afford to buy a vehicle.

You can start investing at Gatatransport by buying a unit (block) of investment with as low as N50,000 with an option to increase your slots or buy into any other open investment project.

If you wish to give this a try, we are always open to such opportunities from time to time based on our vehicle deployment goal. Feel free to check out our Investment Projects to find out if any project is open for subscription.

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