Most frequent questions and answers

Gatatransport Investment Programme is designed to help the Company achieve one of her missions “To create a robust platform where opportunities are created to meet the average need of Africans by engaging young people with productive employment”.  Partners Sponsor investment projects that helps in procurement and deployment of transport assets like bikes, cars, buses, trucks, etc. 

You will not be asked to do any work. We manage the process end-to-end by procuring, processing and getting the transport assets ready for business. We are also responsible for recruiting and managing experienced and qualified drivers who are properly trained and equipped with necessary tools required to achieve our business objective.

You get back your capital at maturity of your investment plan or on request for termination before maturity, after a short notice. Return on Investment earned is determined by duration of Investment.

Kindly use our investment calculator to plan your investment. Find link here: https://gatatransport.com.ng/investment-calculator.html

Your funds represent an investment unit or more that make up a vehicle on the platform. All investment funds are channelled towards procurement and deployment of vehicles for transportation. Comprehensive insurance policy is deployed on each vehicle along with a tracking device before they are assigned to a qualified driver we had interviewed and placed on our shortlist. All the vehicles are 100% covered by our Insurance Partners.

Insurance Partners:

  1. Leadway Assurance
  2. Linkage Assurance
  3. Sovereign Trust Assurance

21 month investment plan attract the highest return on investment of 60% ROI.

You can terminate your investment before maturity. However, we would require at least 30 days notice to process your capital and return.

There is no penalty on your funds or earnings. We offer investors the opportunity to withdraw their stake on the platform pre-maturely, if necessary. Your earnings will be calculated based on the earning rate applicable at the time of termination.

Every investment made by partners are channelled towards procurement of transport assets like bike, car, bus, etc. 

The transport assets are immediately deployed and used to move people and goods around Nigeria.