Crowd Partnership

Put your money to work while you focus on your work

Investment Projects

How It Works

You Invest

Your investment sponsor procurement and deployment of transport assets like bikes, cars, buses, trucks, etc. 

This helps to achieve one of our missions “To create a robust platform where opportunities are created to meet the average need of Africans by engaging young people with productive employment”

We Do The Work

We manage the process end-to-end by procuring, processing and getting the transport assets ready for business. 

We are also responsible for recruiting and managing experienced and qualified drivers who are properly trained and equipped with necessary tools required to achieve our business objective.


You Earn

You get back your capital at maturity of your investment plan or on request for termination before maturity, after a short notice. 

Return on Investment earned is determined by duration of Investment. Click the “Invest Now” button below to calculate your investment returns before signing-up.


SAFETY of your CAPITAL is our Top Priority!

Your investment (capital) is safe with us. Your projected return is guaranteed.
We invest the funds in transport assets and insure them against any form of eventuality (accident, fire, theft, etc.). Our Insurance Partners have got our assets covered.
There is absolutely nothing to worry about.


Insurance Partners