Affiliate Partnership

Gatatransport affiliate partnership is designed to get our service to every household through a seamless referral programme that earns participants regular commissions on every converted prospect.

All you need do to become a Verified Affiliate Partner with Gatatransport is to sign up to get registered and start referring family and friends to use our service or sign up for any of our Vehicle Investment Projects.

Verified Partners earn up to 3% referral commission when they bring contracts or successfully refer someone to use any of our services.

Commission on Vehicle Investment Project is 2%.

Our Services are not limited to:

  1. 1. Self-Drive option on Saloon Car Rental within Lagos.
  2. 2. Chauffeur Driven Car and Bus Charter for intra and inter-state travel.
  3. 3. Bulk Delivery of Goods nationwide with a Van or Truck.
  4. 4. Home and Office Relocation with Van or Truck
  5. 5. Car Haulage or Heavy duty machinery transportation with a truck.
  6. 6. School and Staff Bus Scheme
  7. 7. Airport Pick Up/ Drop Off and Hotel Transfer
  8. 8. Wedding, Party, Excursion, Burial and Religious Event Group Shuttle Service