About Us

About Us

Gata transport is a fast-growing Digital Transport and Investment Company with the most diversified product line.

We provide the best alternative to commuting and logistics through a strong network of high technology solution that makes transportation accessible and affordable.


We are a Customer-Centric brand. We provide exceptional customer experience and retain new customers through our unique value proposition. 


We are Innovative and creative. We use technology to drive a wide range of products in our industry while creating financial opportunities for young people. 


We operate with high level of Integrity. Our transparent mode of operation inspires trust and confidence.

Our Business Model provides a wide range of financial opportunities for investors who are willing to partner with us through our Vehicle and Money Investment Programme.


Our Business Objective is to efficiently utilize highly skilled human resources to maximize investors’ capital for higher Return on Investment through strategic and tactical deployment of funds to specific revenue generating assets and high technology solutions that make transportation comfortable, convenient and accessible to all. 

Our Vision


Nigeria’s Pioneer Digital Transport and Investment Hub, creating limitless Financial Opportunities in Africa.

Our Mission


To be the most innovative tech. driven transport company with diverse product-line.

Buidling mission

To build a robust platform where opportunities are created to meet the average need of Africans by engaging young people with productive employment.

Customer centric

To be the most customer-centric brand alternative to commuting and logistics.